Conference Log-In

To begin web conferencing with both the Hosts and Participants must first log-in. Before Participants can log-in the Host must log-in, and start an audio conference, and then a start a web conference.

Before logging in for the first time, Hosts and Guests should complete the System Compatibility Tests. The System Requirements topic describes the supported browsers and system configurations.

Host Log-In Procedure:

  1. Complete the System Compatibility Tests
  2. Visit the Sign-in URL at and enter your log-in credentials
  3. First, start an audio conference by using the dial out functionality, or by dialing into any of our access numbers.
  4. Once an audio conference has started, the audio management screen will appear. Click on the "start" web conference button.
  5. A new web conference window will appear
  6. Prepare by publishing any necessary documents
  7. Start the conference
  8. Invite guests and provide instructions for logging in

Guest Log-In Procedure:

  1. Review the System Requirements.
  2. Complete the System Compatibility Tests.
  3. Visit the Guest Log-In URL at Web Conference and complete the log-in form. To complete the log-in, you will need to obtain the Conference ID from the Host.

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