Publishing Documents

The Document Publishing feature enables you to present PowerPoint™, Word™, Excel™ documents to a group of meeting attendees. This feature provides an efficient way to present office documents, because attendees can view documents without having to download them. You can publish documents before you start a conference or while a conference is in session.

To publish a document:

  1. From the Presenter toolbar, click the Publish Documents icon [ ].
    The Publish Documents window is displayed.

  2. Click Browse, navigate to the directory containing the document you want to publish, and select your document.

  3. Click Open.
    You are returned to the Publish Documents window and the full path to your document is displayed.

  4. Click Publish Document.
    The document is displayed in the main window. Note that uploading a document can take several minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of your document.

When you are finished with the document, click the Publish Documents icon [ ] to return to the Publish New Document window.


  1. Microsoft provides a password protection feature for Office documents which is not supported. If you attempt to publish a password-protected document you will receive a failure notice. To resolve this problem, open your document using Office, save the document without a password, and then try publishing it again.

  2. Microsoft Excel documents containing macros or "scenarios" are not supported

  3. To share other document types or to modify document content during the conference, use the Application Sharing tool.

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