The Poll tool allows presenters to conduct interactive question-and-answer sessions. Poll results are gathered in real-time and may be shared with all attendees.

Creating a Poll Question

  1. Click NEW to clear the Question field.
  2. Type in your poll question.
  3. Type in your answer text.
    You may type over any answers that already exist. If you need more answers, click ADD. If you need to remove answers, select each of the extra answers (checkbox) and click REMOVE.
  4. Reorder the answers, if necessary, by selecting an entry and clicking UP or DOWN.
  5. Select a color for the bar graph tabulation.
  6. When the question and answers are complete, click SAVE to save the question or
    click CONDUCT to send the question immediately to all attendees.

Polling with a Saved Question

  1. Click the POLL button.
  2. Select the saved question.
  3. Click CONDUCT.
    The question is sent to all attendees. The Presenter's view changes to wait for the poll answers. As the results are gathered, the Presenter is shown an actual vote count, as well as a percentage figure and bar graph for each of the possible answers.
  4. Click END POLL & SHARE RESULTS to broadcast the results to all attendees or
    click END POLL to return to the poll window to conduct another poll.
  5. Click CANCEL to exit the polling tool and return to your presentation.
  6. Polling results are included in your Conference Summary report. You can also choose to print the results after each poll closes.

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