Attendee Roster

The Attendee Roster provides the Presenter with a list of conference participants and indicates each participant's web and audio conference status. Additionally, it provides access to conference functions specifically affecting individual participants or the group of all participants.

Clicking an entry in the Roster opens the Context Control Menu. This menu contains a list of all commands applicable for the selected participant in the current context. Clicking the ALL ATTENDEES button lists only commands which apply to all participants. The image below shows the commands which may appear in the Option Menu, but not all options will appear simultaneously.

Hovering over a participant's entry in the Roster displays the Participant Information Box. The information displayed in the box may include the participant's name, company, e-mail and telephone number if provided at log-in.

At the bottom of the Attendee Roster is the Invite Attendee button, which can be used to send an e-mail invitation containing a hyperlink which the recipient can click to enter the conference. If the invitation includes a telephone number, the participant will be automatically called to join the web conference when the hyperlink in the invitation is clicked. See the Inviting Participants help topic for more details.

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